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Affordable Taxi Service Myrtle Beach

Your Affordable Taxi Service in Myrtle Beach

Need to get somewhere fast but nervous about battling the expected traffic? Heading for a major event like the big game but worried about not finding a place to park? Are you planning a fun night out at the bars and want to get home safe?


Take our affordable taxi service in Myrtle Beach. By leaving the driving to our professional staff, you avoid dealing with traffic problems and parking problems. Share the ride with loved ones or friends. The cost per person goes down even more. You can all relax and have fun on the way there. For evening affairs, everybody can drink to their heart’s content. Nobody gets left out by being the designated driver. Our drivers are courteous, friendly, and dependable. We’re focused on getting you to your destination safely and on-time. If you are in need of an affordable taxi service in Myrtle Beach, give JCW Taxi and Limo a call. We’ll take care of your ride.

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