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Affordable Limo Service Myrtle Beach

An Affordable Limo Service in Myrtle Beach for Any Gathering

Elegant and brand new limousines class up any event. That’s why these rides are a necessity on such grand occasions as weddings and proms. But they also work well to make any gathering more memorable, like birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, nights out with the gang, or going to the big game. You may have avoided considering this luxury because of price.


At JCW Taxi and Limo, our affordable limo service in Myrtle Beach probably costs less than you think. On a per passenger basis, one vehicle that carries several people saves money over each person driving their own car or taking a cab. The ride also keeps the group together, preventing anyone from losing their way. You’ll find our drivers tops in courtesy, friendliness, reliability, professionalism, and getting around town. They’ll worry about the traffic so you can focus on the fun. If you are in need of affordable limo service in Myrtle Beach, contact us today.

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